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Richard Dawkins – “What if you’re wrong?”

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2 Responses to Richard Dawkins – “What if you’re wrong?”

  1. Pete. says:

    I’m not sure why you posted this Youtube on Hawkins because he did everything to avoid answering the question. The audience were obvioulsy partisan and squeeled in delight with his response – or lack thereof.
    The problem is – is that Hawkins is wrong. The question was legitimate and he wanted no part of it.

    If conciousness dies with physical death then Near Death Experiences that are so profound and life altering for those who have them should not be possible. But they are, with overwhelming independant real world validation that prove these experiences are real. This poses a great dilema to Atheists who then have to scramble to dig up any explanation, no matter how lame, to account for this phemonon. I’m sure they’d prefer that the brain would just cooperate and extinguish conciousness when the brain is ‘dead’ in the EEG readings show no activity whatsoever. Unfortunately, their worst fears are realized when those who have had these experience report full and complete conciousness at the exact moment when the brain activity is most ‘dead’. One need not venture any further iin looking for proof of life after death. Given this, the great Mr. Dawkins is dead wrong, because regardless of what he says, he will always have these experiences hanging over his head vastly diminishing his credibility as a thinker because he has no answer to adequately explain away these experiences.

    BTW, staunch Atheists who have had these near death experiences swear to their validity and have gone on to sevre mankind because of the clarity of the purpose of life that has come to them while ‘dead’.

    Yes Dawkins is wrong. This is an absolute certainty.

  2. Monicks says:

    Well, Pete, I would suggest that before making such assertion, you look a little into the topic. There are scientific explanations for Near Death Experiences, they are all induced by chemical reactions to the ketamine that the body produces due to the lack of oxygen in the brain.

    If you read a good scientific book, like “How The Brain Works” by Steven Pinker, you will discover that we are always under the influence (read: high) of the drugs that our body produces.

    I find interesting the way you refer to your ideas as absolute certainties, speaks volumes about the way you accept simple ideas and propositions as facts.

    Funny that you have these certainties without even googling the subject, because I have some knowledge, and also, I was dead myself.


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