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Atheist Sunday School – The Historical Jesus

Today, like many other Sundays, we had Sunday School on Twitter.  Since the topic was a bit long, a few of my friends suggested that I should preserve today’s stream of tweets for further reference. In fact, their suggestion was rather that I wrote these as a blog post, but my laziness knows no boundaries. My apologies.

So, to make it less embarrassing, let’s say that this is a raw draft of a future post; also, please consider that we have yet some facts that we need to review in our next Twitter Atheist Sunday School.

This is a fascinating story. In my opinion, everyone should have access to learn about these facts.

This is how we make atheists. 😉


So, what’s your conclusion? (◕‿~)✿

3 Responses to Atheist Sunday School – The Historical Jesus

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  2. joe davis says:

    an amazing amount of research no doubt. which of your books contains all this stitched together in non-twitter paragraph form?

  3. God says:

    American are realy stupid Nation!!!
    Atheists Sunday School?
    Same Shit: “Atheists for Jesus” ( Richard Dawkins )
    Anglosaxons World is a stupid!



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