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Do you believe in love? – Atheist Sunday School


That should have read somewhat similarly.

17 Responses to Do you believe in love? – Atheist Sunday School

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  2. Monicks says:

    Well… I hope this answer is not the consequence of having your heart broken by some ex significant other.
    If so, I’m sorry. 🙁

  3. Lili says:

    No Dear, It’s a result of my experiences and watching the experiences of others. Love is like god in that it is used to keep us in line. “If you don’t buy our soap, You wont get clean and no one will love you.” Love has been used to sell us a bill of goods. If we don’t believe in god we’re threatened with hell, If we don’t believe in love we’re threatened with loneliness. With holding love is a nasty tactic used too often. I cant be hurt by a lack of something that is an arbitrary construct.
    I would rather hear someone say;”I really, really like you! Lots!” It would have more meaning… 🙂

  4. Johnny says:

    Do you believe we as humans can observe through our senses or technology everything that exists in our universe?  I think its pretty safe to say most people don’t.
    So, my question is, is it possible that GOD exists maybe in one of these “un-observable dimensions” (for lack of a better word) and the only “evidence” for him maybe personal experiences or perceptions just like other “concepts” such as love?

  5. Lea says:

    Then why is there the logo Sharing is Caring?

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  10. Aaron says:

    Yes, it is absolutely possible. However, until we find some evidence, there’s no reason to believe such a thing exists, any more than there is reason to believe the flying spaghetti monster or space unicorns. These things *may* exist in some as yet unobserved state, but believing in them before we find any proof of their existence is gullibility.

  11. Marc Cunningham says:

    Love is a word to describe a feeling, god is a word to describe a ALL POWERFUL CREATOR OF EVERY THING. You might as well say that fear and satan are the same thing. So every time your afraid, its the devil inside, devil inside (INXS).

  12. Daniel says:

    Dark matter & dark energy are said to exist and is believed by most scientist, yet there is no proof. Are all these scientist gullible?

  13. E says:

    There is plenty of solid groundwork, if you would bother to look. A scientist knows that evidence will change her mind, but a fundamentalist knows nothing will. Religion is a social problem that denies people basic human rights. As far as I know, women aren’t circumcised and gays aren’t killed in the name of dark matter.

    If the monotheists’ god DOES exist…why worship it anyway? It’s a shit.

  14. Aden says:

    Isn’t love when someone does the washing up and cleans and tidies around the house? rather than just an emotion, right?

  15. Alejandra says:

    I think the conditonal love is the issue, For some of us love was conditioned, if you do this i will love you if you that, i will not. That is why i am yet not very convinced on the God of the old testament, who sort of had conditional love on us, but the again most of it, are metaphores to explain moral and ethics, in a way people of those times could understand. For me i think real love is way diferent ,the way Jesús described it, love on earth is defined as a moral character, how we act and treat others, like the love Jesus preached, with grace and forgiving. Maybe if we all learned to love like that life would be definetley much better on earth. But again if love is defined as subjective i’d stick to my promise of infinite love of God and eternal life, than a random existance on earth because of a random event with this random particle no one seemed to find. And even so i am no so interested in the random begining of our existance or if god had a part on it, i am more interested in experiencing the true love Jesus preached and how fulfilling this makes my soul feel.

  16. Taggard Andrews says:

    This question reminds me of the Tim Minchin’s intro to his song “Thank You God”. In it, he is asked if he believes in Love, when he says he does, the questioner says “AH HA! You believe in love, but there is no evidence”. Tim thinks for a second and replies…”of course there is evidence for Love. Love without evidence is Stalking!”

    If you haven’t seen that video, you must:


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