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Atheism is a religion – Tweet of the day

This tweet has been retweeted ad infinitum, so I thought I’d give it a little space here.

By the way, thank you, Tweeties. You are totally awesome!

If you want to retweet it too, here’s the Twitter link.

10 Responses to Atheism is a religion – Tweet of the day

  1. annnnnnnnnnnnnd…. reddited =)

  2. Monicks says:

    Thank you! 🙂

  3. Dario says:

    Love the tweet, love that you roch the HootSuite too 😉

  4. 3dBloke says:

    Excellent tweet. Re-tweeted 😀

  5. no. thank you =) Remember to temper your general disgust for the overall ignorance of people with moments of happy. Happy is important too. Your little tweet reminded me that sometimes I can just think simply and then put it aside and go on with my day, enjoying my kids and working on my silly side projects.

  6. DanGaleano says:

    I love you!

  7. Kmuzu says:

    As an Agnostic .. we’re not even sure that’s a TV.

  8. NJH says:

    And not smoking is a terrible addiction. Bald is a hair colour and not collecting stamps is a hobby.

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  10. kirrwed says:

    That tweet is ironically doctrinal. 🙂


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