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Evangelical atheism – Twitter, let’s get personal.

DISCLAIMER: Apparently, this one is gonna get nasty and is, very likely, not what you would expect. So, if you don’t know me at all, this post is not for you.

What’s the likelihood of me actually writing a long blog post with my job sucking all the energy out of me, and my life – yes, I do have a life – being so busy as of late? Well, there are only two ways to get me to do this: ask nicely and repeatedly because we have discussed any given subject previously – so, nag me and don’t stop until I deliver; the second, and more effective way? piss me off. Seriously, that’s all it takes, but I wouldn’t recommend the second optioin if you want to continue being my friend.

Admittedly, I have an incredibly high patience threshold, but in the last few months, it has been as if everyone online, theists mostly, needed to tell me that I’m wrong and I need to turn to their gods, with the corresponding Hades threats. These people get a few answers, but to some extent that once reached, they get ignored – because, in my opinion, we must try to not be a dick, when possible.

It gets even worse when it is other atheists that seem to dislike the way I decide to run my website, my tweets, the way I suggest things should be done when it comes to the manner in which I believe “people of faith” should be dealt with, and a few of these atheists even dare to say publicly that people like me “need to go.” I wish they told me where the hell they think people like me need to go. I mean, come on! It’s the effing internet! EVERYONE has equal rights to be here as anyone else and express their opinion, and whoever does not like it, is just a click away of getting rid of this annoyance. But that’s a whole different chapter that I’m not willing to write, not yet anyway – ’cause I’m patient – and because I know all too well their usual ‘projection/assumption’ rebuttal. In all honesty, I thought they would have let go by now, which makes me think it’s not even worth the effort.

So, people tend to label me, (and to be completely honest, sometimes I do deserve it), as an “evangelical atheist.” It’s true, I do, more often than not, on Twitter, get a bit preachy, and “a bit” might as well be an understatement.

But that’s not who I am, really. I mean, yeah, I am an atheist, but I’m so much more than just that. You see, the only times when I am predominantly an atheist, is on Twitter, and certainly this website… and its affiliates…. and over at Think Atheist, but that’s about it, really! Obviously, um, it is obvious to me, there is way much more to life than just fighting on public mediums, the multiplex levels of disgrace that constitute almost (and I say “almost” just to be safe here) every single denomination of religious faith.

The problem though, is that my outspokenness about my atheism is the main of the few aspects of me that you all get to see, because the great abundance of people that honor me with their attention and have chosen to listen to what I have to say, are not interested – at least I don’t think they are – in being informed about my discontent with, say, some decisions my superiors make at work, for instance; or I don’t think anyone cares if I decided to dye my hair pink, and worse, people won’t want to hear about my potty schedules – and even if they were willing to hear about these things, I am not keen about sharing this kind of information with anyone. That is not what public medium is for, or rather that’s the way I see it. Finally, if you want to say that my butt is so tight that if I passed a gas only the dogs could hear it, well, be my guest; although I’m pretty sure you’d juggle a bit with the semantics in that sentence. Damn! That would make a really good tweet.

On the other hand, like-minded people get some sort of lift when I write a logical, rational, atheist tweet. I can tell for the way you guys react to them, and more importantly, because you tell me so.

Believers often ask us atheists something along the lines: if you’re an atheist, why do you spend so much time talking about god? Well, we think we have good reasons, which I very superficially covered on a previous post. I personally do it because I believe that we can make a difference challenging the moronic propositions of the whole faith thing, and it is so much fun! I honestly think that god is great for the snarking — seriously, how could we not make fun of the god-idiocy — and ultimately, and more importantly, because I want to. You can call it a whim if you feel so inclined, it is my effing right, right?

If you are one of those that think I shouldn’t, don’t subject yourself to the conundrum of telling me that I’m wrong, and that you’re unfollowing me, or worse, that I “need to go” – and on that note, I would dare to say it is the other way around. If I ever gave you the impression that I give a damn about my tweets count or the number of followers, allow me, hereby, to correct this mistake at once. I do care about the people, heck! I LOVE my Tweeple, I can’t stress this enough. I do appreciate every tweet and follow thingy and try my best to keep up with the copious comments, replies and rebuttals I get, (although I’m always late), but I am all invested into these people, you guys. On the other hand, I couldn’t care less about the numbers, and those of you who do know me, are certain about this.

On the evangelical atheism, mea culpa, and now I think this post should have gotten a different title.

In short, I am inclined to jump to the conclusion that you’re misjudging me, but just because you have limited information. If you’re only judging me for my overly tagged, atheistic tweets, I’ll have you know that I also tweet about non-atheistic stuff, I think you might be missing out on some other content.

So, this tweet is kind of apropos, oh wait! *giggles* It is about the commonly praised premise “you can’t judge a book by its cover”, but written by me, of course it has a twist.

[blackbirdpie url=”″]

As usual, here is the Twitter link, in case you like it and want to reply to it, or retweet it, or refute it, or do whatever it is to your heart’s content.

If you’re still reading this, you deserve loads of chocolate. To me, it’s been cathartic.

Now, I’m eager to hear what you’d have to say about all this, so lay it all down here in the comments, and rest assured that I will reply, it might take a little time, though.

14 Responses to Evangelical atheism – Twitter, let’s get personal.

  1. Dave says:


    For what it’s worth, I always like your tweets, because even when you are being “preachy” you are positive about it, and more often than not, you combine the right amount of snark with the serious to keep things light.  I fully support your goal of convincing people that religion is a colossal waste of time, and an outdated, worthless pursuit.

    Easy for me to say – I’m not the one dealing with the jerks – but I’d say don’t let them get to you.  I never understand the people who are like those you describe, and I see them often in the comments sections of various blogs – they like to comment that the blog author should do this or say that.  I usually comment that if they want to see this or that, start their own damned blog, then they can say whatever they want.  I think they are just lazy, and would rather try to hijack other people’s work. 

    Keep doing what you’re doing, we love you for it.

  2. joebroesel says:

    Ok, first: If you ever ‘need to go’, go somewhere where you have internet access and can keep up tweeting and blogging! It would be horrible to open my browser and not have a tweet or post that makes me smile or laugh. You are like a fresh breeze in between all the serious and overly political correct atheist tweets…
    Second: I think there is a need for people who preach (I already feel bad for using that word!) atheism or are “evangelical” atheists. Religious people do it all the time and we need people who voice concerns about religious views on the same level. A quiet “As a fact that is not true” doesn’t really cut it most of the time. People need to hear the opposing arguments and they need to hear them clearly. If delivered with the right amount of irony and /or sarcasm: even better sometimes! Ridiculous views and arguments need to be openly ridiculed!
    And third: I’ve read all the way to the end, do you need my address for the chocolate? And how much are we talking about? 🙂
    Keep posting and tweeting! You are needed!

  3. Reread the blurb at the top of your page, under your picture.  It says it all.  So when the negatives start to wear you down, go back to it, reread it, and live by it.  I like your writing.  As I said before, you are wise beyond your years.

  4. BobHeart says:

    I think what you do is awesome. Keep up the good work.

  5. I too feel like sometimes, that I need a break. Like right now for instance.

    Yesterday I was feeling like all the work I have been doing over at my blog is for nothing. 193 articles in 15 months, and the world is getting worse instead of better? Why bother.

    But then I read something like this above and I remember that it is important to take a break every now and then, to step back and re-evaluate. Since perspective is one of my top subjects, I find it difficult to maintain my enthusiasm when my own perspective is skewed by being to close to a subject.

    Anyhow, chin up, love your work!

  6. I’m down for you writing more, and not just when you are pissed. My reader is getting smaller and I don’t know if peeps are not blogging as much, or if peeps just quit. we need more voices, not less. Awesomeness.

  7. Monicks says:

    Thank you so much, Dave for your encouraging comment. 

    Oh, I know how people like to criticize, as in “improve” what other people do. They should come up with their own ideas, and post them wherever they like, right?  

    Sorry for the late response, I needed a little time to cool off before anything.

    Thank you. ♥

  8. Monicks says:

    ❝If you ever ‘need to go’, go somewhere where you have internet access and can keep up tweeting and blogging!❞

    I think this is just what I needed to hear! Thank you so much for your kind words, Joe. Just so you know, I have made arrangements for my epitaph, I want it to read: “She’s not gone, she’s just offline.”

    I owe you the chocolate, would my love do instead? ♥

  9. Monicks says:

    Thanks Bill, that is so sweet.

    Wisdom is pretty subjective, my friend. One thing I do know is that we need to learn form every experience, especially the negative ones.

    Thanks for your comment.

  10. Monicks says:

    I haven’t got the opportunity to thank you for all the shameless promotion you do for me. What YOU do is awesome, and I do appreciate it.
    On the other hand, you’re very biased, my friend. 


  11. Monicks says:

    My dear Marty, we all feel disheartened at times, it is inevitable when we see so much evil and misery going on in the world.

    What you do is important, your articles are amazing and your opinion is one of the most balanced, well thought out and consistent out there. 

    Take a break and recoup, but don’t ever stop.

    I love you, my friend. Thank you. ♥

  12. Monicks says:

    Thank you, Kriss. I totally feel like a brat now for venting publicly about my frustration with certain people. 

    Bet your reader just got flooded, hope it’s a good thing for you, my friend.

    Thanks for the encouraging, I don’t deserve such wonderful friends. 

  13. Steve says:

    Hi Monica,
    I’m not one for reading blogs but I do often enjoy your tweets and links. 
    Like yourself, I’m an atheist but that doesn’t mean I’m dispassionate about the subject of god and religion. 
    Normally I will only get evangelical when others bring the up the subject.  Okay, I will admit to sometimes trying to lead the conversation in that direction.
    I do think it is very important for people who are so inclined, like yourself, to be outspoken.  Otherwise the other side wins by default.  It is like a work of art when a well spoken person refutes superstition and ignorance with the willed passion of a Christopher Hitchens.
    Thanks for your time and efforts.

  14. ryan young says:

    i’ll read about your potty schedule.


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