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Is There an Afterlife?

Sam Harris and Christopher Hitchens vs David Wolpe and Bradley Artson Shavit


Excellent video, Christopher Hitchens and Sam Harris discuss a supernatural matter, afterlife with Rabbi David Wolpe and Rabbi Bradley Shavit Artson in the panel held in Whizin Center for Continuing Education.

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5 Responses to Is There an Afterlife?

  1. What’s incredible is the weakness of the rabbis’ arguments. I liked the stuff about the “Jewish gene for atheism.” I think I’ve got it!

  2. fr1j0l3 says:

    Thanks for linking… good to see hitch looking/sounding better.

  3. Cora Judd says:

    Wonderful, lucid debate.

  4. mrkafka says:

    if only they could find rabbi’s that know basic debate skills

    if only they would try to address hitchens’ objections

  5. Yaacov1st says:

    Ahhh, to bad they took the video clip off. I wanted to see it. Oh well, I am totally familiar with the arguments of the Rabbinute. They never seem to be able to address specific arguments and present valid counter-points to anything the other debater might have injected. I am not sure that many of them even believe the tripe they put out.


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