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Die, atheist, die!

Unless you live under a rock, you have probably read about the lawsuit filed by the organization American Atheists against enshrining a cross at the 9/11 memorial and museum in New York City, the news are all over the blogosphere.

Regardless of your religious affiliation, or the lack thereof, there are only so many stances you can take about this issue: either you agree with the lawsuit filed by American Atheists, or not; or you may also be torn. Your reaction, however, might fit in a quite wide range of adjectives.

I know what you’re thinking: yet another atheist crying faul over a few unkind words from some upset Christians… you know, we are overreacting, we’re a bunch of drama queens, right?


To me it is just another cross as there are so many other crosses in almost every village, and every city in nearly every country all over the world. After all it’s just a cross, two beams crossed, an ugly “T”, a “Plus” sign, a cross… doesn’t mean anything to me — except, maybe, that it is a reminder of the fact that there are still people willing to believe in fairytales, and more importantly, the mental note that some of these people have proven to be capable of, and willing to do pretty much anything, including terrible deeds against other human beings, in order to defend their sacred fairytales beliefs. Repeatedly. Wait, why is that we’re talking about not enshrining a cross at the very same place where before there was a building? Oh!

I know, right? The irony!

If Jesus had been killed twenty years ago, Catholic school children would be wearing little electric chairs around their necks instead of crosses.

— Lenny Bruce

The thing is you are not supposed to be hated and wanted dead for having the guts to stand for what you think is right, and especially, you are not supposed to be wanted dead by the people who, allegedly, have the highest ground on morality, love, mercy, compassion and such. Allegedly. They are so NOT Jesus-like.

I don’t remember having seen anything like this coming from atheists/agnostics/skeptics or even anti-religion folks.

Okay, if you haven’t seen the infamous famous comments, feast on the sad display. These little snippets of Christian hatred love deserve to be preserved per omnia saecula saeculorum.

[expand title=”Expand to see the screen captures“]

I found these at the American Atheists website, and the ones with the blacked out names at Practical Doubt.

Collapse Screen captures [/expand]

“Few groups are filled with more hate than atheists,” commented Michael Perri.

See, this is not news, not to me and most likely not to you.

Mr. Anders Behring Breivik, the far-right fanatic who murdered in cold blood 89 people in Norway, did not threaten anyone, (unless you consider his manifesto as an open threat), he was just another fundamentalist Christian… who hates Muslims… until he went on a killing spree. Now he’s just a madman.

Have you not received any death threats for being a filthy infidel? I get them on a regular basis, I get emails telling me that I am going to hell, from many different people. Pretty much daily. One of the most upsetting emails I’ve gotten reads “I hope you get skinned and then raped on a pile of salt, if I wasn’t a Christian I would do it myself”. See, they can have quite the imagination to write a whole new series of Saw movies. I cried that day – not because I thought my life could be really in danger, but because my inability to believe in god and my right to be open about it was, to someone, a good enough reason to want me to go through this disturbing, so well described excruciating pain, torture, and death.

Ever heard about Dennis Markuze? He goes by the alias Dave Mabus, and unless you’re a Christian like himself, you must have gotten his hateful tweets at least once… and if you’re lucky, along with his emails,  you might have gotten some personalized tweets.

Doesn’t it make one feel “spishul”?

See, Markuze is quite obsessed with killing atheists, PZ Myers posted his picture back then when they almost met. But who takes Mabus seriously? He’s just a crazy loser, right?  Usually he tosses you a link with his crazy psycho-babble, that’s it… he hasn’t snapped… yet.

Another Markuze’s target is Dr. Michael Shermer. There is a well known statement by Dr. Shermer on this subject. Have you not read it? [expand title=”Read it.” swaptitle=”Collapse”]

January 22, 2011

To: Dennis Markuze, aka Mabus

From: Michael Shermer

I spoke to your father yesterday, after a conversation with your mother the day before. Your father told me that he thought you had stopped doing things like this years ago, but when I read him your latest postings, ramblings, and death threats he was surprised to hear that this technique of drawing attention to yourself by harassment continues. Apparently this is something that you have been doing for many years.

Listen carefully. I have contacted the Montreal police, along with the local police in my city, and alerted them to the danger that you pose as a deranged and possibly mentally ill man. Although your parents indicated that they don’t think that you are mentally ill, they are obviously not privy to the death threats you have been sending all of us. On Monday I am filing a restraining order against you. If you show up anywhere near me I will have you arrested on the spot and put into jail. If you attempt to approach me I will be armed and will not hesitate to use any force necessary to stop you.

In the past 24 hours I have received over 200 tweets and emails from you. This must stop now. I hereby demand an end to all communication from you of any form. If you continue contact with me this will all go on your police record.

Michael Shermer[/expand]

Sound a bit more serious now?

The truth is we can’t know how serious, how real, and how many of them desire this badly enough to carry out their threats.

Here’s the question: How safe do you feel when you say you are an atheist?

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16 Responses to Die, atheist, die!

  1. Ross Parker says:

    I feel safe enough, living in Scotland. I enjoy making myself known as an atheist.

  2. Colin Mackay says:

    Theistic Nationalism will become the plague of the 21st century ‘secularity’ will remain the target as it has for millenia. If governments fail to adequately respond their legitimacy must be brought into question. The atheist community faces a very real threat and understanding the nature and structure of that threat remains key to our safety.

  3. LeberMac says:

    Not an atheist, but… wow. Looks like you struck a nerve with a few Christians.
    And WHY do they all have horrible spelling and grammar?

  4. I feel safe, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to let Mabus get away with his rantings…

  5. Voltism says:

    I feel fine, I like fighting fire with a larger, stronger fire.

  6. Colin Mackay says:

    I’m not suggesting immediate concern, I am however suggesting that the historic role of theistic nationalism should not be disregarded. Particularly in light of the resurgence of dominionist theism in the US, the increasing rhetoric of US exceptionalism, and the fact that the next US president has access to lots of bombs and a demonstrated propensity to use them.

  7. Charles says:

    English motherfucker, do you speak it? Learn to spell. Other than that it’s a nice article 🙂

  8. ctzn says:

    I’m a relatively imposing chap, and I rarely feel threatened. However, I do feel, at times, nervous for the safety of myself and my wife. I am not a closeted atheist, my friends and family have accepted that fact. I’ve done volunteer work around the world and people are always surprised when they learn of my views. It’s not the people that I know or know me that concern me, it’s the people I don’t know and don’t account for that worry me. Reading these FB posts are very eye opening to me, and I’m sad to hear atheist bloggers say that this is not out of the norm.

    I do own a gun and am ready to protect myself and my family in the event that an over zealous bigot feels the need to act on their dangerous opinions. Even after reading these nasty posts, I can’t fathom wishing death and pain to their authors. It takes a disturbed mind to even conceive of their hateful content

  9. Len says:

    These sort of threats should be publicised within Christian circles. Can you post them to Christian websites as examples of the love that Christians show to atheists?

    Religious fanatics should not be seen as patriotic or supportive of their country (whichever country it is). Because if they ever get the idea that their god is telling them to harm their country, they will not hesitate to do so. Their allegiance lies with their god, not their country.

  10. ChildfreeSally says:

    They more than likely have horrible spelling and grammar because it’s not encouraged for them to be all that literate or have sound grammar because then they might figure out what they’re preacher is spewing out on Sundays isn’t all that realistic. Dem Preachers sure do love the money his sheep be providin’ him ya hear? They wouldn’t be providing if they not going to church.

  11. Stan Bloodgood says:

    In almost every post i see the word kill… now if i recall didn’t god prohibit killing in one of the commandments? Now if you fancy go to an atheist blog and try to find any post inciting genocide against religious people. None! So please respect other views and ideologies and think before you post.

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  13. A religion of “peace” showing it’s true colors. Why I’m an Anti-Theist.

  14. Umberto21 says:

    Nice article.
    Religion is so 1485. Religion is a lie they told us when we were innocent kids.
    It is a mythical story that has somehow passed through generations because of its ill-conceived merits.
    We are smart and educated people and we do not need religion.
    The only way to phase out religion is to STOP POISONING OUR CHILDREN with lies, and look at religion as a history topic : the stories that our ancestors told each other because they were scared of death and ‘anarchy’.
    Stop telling our children and they won’t mention it to theirs. It will take several generations but it’s the only way it works.
    Children copy their parents : show the good example and shelter them from irrational stories (especially if it restricts them from enjoying the freedom of day to day life).

    I also include:
    – horoscope (categorizing billions in 12 groups – lol),
    – Walking under a ladder (It s juts a ladder from the hardware shop, it doesn’t have magic powers)
    – Breaking mirrors, salt on the table, touch wood, Santa Clause, tooth fairy (or any fairy whatsoever),
    – oh and there is no scientific evidence that getting a seagull poo on you brings you good luck.

    If you are a believer : look in the mirror.

    If you were born in India, you would be a Hindu. If your mum was Jewish you would be a Jew, If your dad is Tom you’d be a Scientologist, If you were born in northern Africa you’d be a Muslim.

    It’s all passed on from generation to generation, wherever you are born. – Just stop passing on irrational messages to your kids.

  15. ijk2 says:

    I live in the USA. At school, I let one person in my class know I was an Atheist. Pretty soon, everybody in my class knew. Thankfully for me, absolutely no one (to my knowledge) held it against me. Sure, people were shocked; one person even wondered how I had a moral code! I am very thankful that I live in a community where it is accepted to be whatever you are; unlike other places in the USA.

  16. 4vwow says:

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