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Christianity — new and improved

I bet you’ve met those Christians who claim they are not religious, they even say that those people who believe the bible is 100% true are “crazy”. This is their particular version of Christianity in a nutshell:

Because they are not delusional, right? *MAJOR FACEPALM*


2 Responses to Christianity — new and improved

  1. Esteban Mata says:

    I just had this same discussion with a friend 3 days ago.
    None of my close friends are religious, they all range from atheist to “spiritual person that believes in some kind of personal god but doesn’t follows any religion”… Except for Leo.
    Leo is the only one of my close friends that declares himself a catholic believer, and even gets angry when we make jokes about god, jesus and all the religious bullshit.
    But the thing is, Leo never goes to church on sundays, doesn’t follow many catholic traditions and most important of all (to the catholic religion at least), he is gay. (or at least bisexual).
    So on last friday we were on a party and started discussing how he breaks many catholic rules and any catholic priest or fundamentalist would say he is not a real catholic but still he believes to be one.
    But he insisted that while he doesn’t follow those rules and doesn’t believe in all that catholic religious says, and even think that the catholic fundamentalists are all crazy idiots, he is still a catholic person, because his family is and always has been catholic, and since god gave him free will, he is catholic no matter what others says…

    I said to him: so, if I want, I can say I’m a black belt in martial arts?
    Leo: yes, you have the right to say that?
    Me: But that doesn’t make me a black belt in martial arts!
    Leo: but if you in your heart feel that, then you are!
    Me: that would not make win a fight because I don’t follow the training and disciple required by martial arts
    Leo: but still you have the right to say you are a black belt, that’s free will!
    Me: so… you don’t follow catholic rules, you think that extreme catholics are wackos, even more, you are gay, the kind of people catholics despise the most, but still in your heart you feel catholic, so we all have to treat you like one and try to not offend you when we make fun about god, jesus and the virgin?
    Leo: yes!
    Me: … I can’t reason with you, I’m going to get a beer

  2. Embracing that which chains you…. flabbergasting.


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