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Shit Christians Say to Atheists — Let us reply.

I started a thread on Google Plus about a video “Shit Christians Say to Atheists“, which is fun to watch but, in my opinion, is in no way complete, and somewhat pointless without recommended good solid responses, so I’ve linked the ones I have kinda responded to in previous posts and tweets, and added the first responses I’ve gotten. To be honest, some of them don’t even deserve a reply.

Fell free to add your own idiotic thing theists say to atheists if not listed, and contribute with a response in the comments if you feel so inclined.

So here we go:

      • “You will burn in Hell!”

    • “Evolution is only a theory” 

    • “But you say ‘Oh my God’! Somehow you must believe.”
    • “Wait! You’re an atheist? But you’re so nice!”
    • “Then, you believe in Satan?”
    • “It takes faith to be an atheist!”
    • “How can you stand life, without having the glory of god in your heart?” Answer: “I rather enjoy not devoting my life to praising something that lets me do all the work.” — G. Michael Williams
    • “Your life must be bleak and meaningless.”
    • “Something terrible must have happened in your life to turn you away from god.” Or its variation “Why do you hate god so much?”

  • “You were never a true believer.”
  • “Why are you so angry at god? God loves you!”
  • “Why do you hate God so much?”
  • “You’re just going through a phase.”
  • “Deep down, you really believe.”
  • “I don’t know about all that science stuff, I just know Jesus loves me and you too, if you’ll let him. It says so in the Bible.”
  • “Just wait till you have children of your own.”
  • “The bible is not meant to be taken literally.”
  • “Have you ever read the Bible?” Reply: Which one, the Catholic one, the Protestant one, the King James, the Vulgata? Most of the times leads to their protesting that theirs is the right one. — Harry Weseman
  • “What stops you from going on a raping and killing spree!?” 
  • “So why do you even bother to live?”
  • “If you don’t believe in god, who do you pray to?”
  • “You still believe in Jesus, though, right?”
  • “So you think you’re better than god?”
  • “You just think you’re an atheist.”
  • “Every knee shall bow. Every knee shall bow.” meanwhile I’m thinking “
  • “Once you understand the world better, you’ll believe, I’ll pray for you.”
  • “Why do you spend so much time arguing about something you don’t believe exists.”
  • “Just pray and Jesus will save you!”
    “I’m beyond saving.”
    “Everyone can be saved!”
    “I’ve committed the unforgivable sin.” Confusion on their face. “I’ve denied the Holy Spirit, look it up.” — G. Michael Williams

Thanks to my Plussies who played along: Jay CampbellBrad SnowderTK MonastyrskiG Gryme JrMark A. SucharzewskiBeto Mendez, David MitchellG. Michael Williams who shared the video that started this, and Harry Weseman who suggested this list should be posted with recommended replies, for everyone to shudder, laugh, and facefalm enjoy.

69 Responses to Shit Christians Say to Atheists — Let us reply.

  1. Asinine Statement) Wars. repression, and stupidity happened before religion, and after. Murder, theft, and rape occurred before we created courts and police forces, and after. Fires happened before we funded fire departments, and after. Getting rid of religion wouldn’t get rid of injustice, anymore that getting rid of the police and courts would get rid of crime.

    Answer)True, it wouldn’t stop all injustice. It would stop all religious based injustice.

  2. Asinine Statement) Religion, and Christianity in particular, doesn’t advocate repression of individual rights. Stalin, Hitler, and others did so quite without religion to back them up. Religion, and Christianity in particular, does not object to scientific research and truth.

    Answer) Why are the Xians opposing gay rights? Why to they oppose stem cell research? Why are Xians blowing up clinics and killing Dr’s?

  3. Asinine Statement) And yes, I am a Christian, and know from my own experience that my religion makes me a better person than I was without it. Not perfect; but better.

    Answer)If you need an imaginary friend to tell you how to be a human, I really feel sorry for you.

  4. hoverfrog says:

    “I do also find it odd that you spend so much time speaking about something that you have such disdain for. Its really weird”. I’ve had this one thrown at me yesterday despite repeatedly pointing out the vile and destructive nature of organised religion and behaviour that comes from faith based thinking.

  5. hoverfrog says:

    An old favourite: “I don’t believe in the god you describe either” which usually follows a description of all the shitty stuff that their deity supposedly did according to their holy book.

    Actually I don’t believe in any gods, not just the horrible versions. I also don’t believe in the fluffy and nice hippy Jesus who gives free booze away or the magical fairyland deity who saved all the animals apart from unicorns. No gods. Get it?

  6. Shig Vigintitres says:

    Q: Why do you hate God?

    A: For the same reasons you hate Superman.

  7. Rain16 says:

    We have different thoughts and norms that lifting up in every day living, But there’s no one else have the right to tease some one religion.

  8. Richard says:

    No reputable theologian would claim that the entire Bible is to be interpreted in a figurative sense, nor would any educated Christian. You are taking contextual claims and making them appear to apply to every context. If I say “There are parables in the Bible,” or “There are situational commands in the Bible,” surely, whoever is listening to me is not going to assume that every Biblical command is a situational, one-time command.

    Further, I have followed you for a little while. I very much hope that Christians do not look to you as somebody to fear. You make bold claims of ‘critical thinking’ and then you stop thinking at the point which your opinion is fixed. You mock intelligent design in saying, “Our feet are miraculous because they fit so perfectly into our socks.”

    Arguing against intelligent design with the fact that there are many planets is like arguing that the chances of winning the lottery increases every time you play. The anthropic principle is so miraculous because the chance of 122 constants being in place in ANY planet without intelligent guidance is one chance in 1 with 138 zeros after it. (Source: Astrophysicist Hugh Ross)

    However, it is not your inherently wrong analogies that bug me. It is that your favorite argument against Christianity, and your reasons for campaigning against it is that there is evil in the world. (You have no argument against the standard of objective morality other than your mocking of that argument.)

    You argue that religion is the cause of 9/11. This is like arguing that the bank is the cause of a shooting in a bank robbery. Religion doesn’t poison everything; everything poisons religion.

    You will make claims like “There are starving children in the world, therefore, there is no God.”

    From this, I can draw that you care little about the worlds’ starving children. You use them to bring the name of God down. If otherwise, you would have said “There are staving children in the world, therefore, I am going to feed them!”

    My Christians are deploying some of the most hostile places of the world to feed these starving children, and you have the audacity to say that God does nothing for them? You are a strong example of blind, pitiless indifference.

    If you want to claim to care about children, then shut up. Walk the walk.

    (Also, I am using an unprofessional e-mail and not including my website. I do not want my twitter feed or website bandwidth overwhelmed by your demonic minions.)

  9. Beast says:

    As to intelligent design, and astrophysicist Hugh Ross; read “The Fallacy of Fine-Tuning” by Victor J Stenger PhD. Hopefully you have a strong back ground in the sciences especially Math i.e. calculus and higher, plus physics. BTW your Hugh Ross is mentioned a number of times along with his errors which are proven mathematically.

  10. janeyqdoe says:

    “Look around you, everything looks designed, so there must be an Intelligent Designer”

    Oh, so that’s why I need eyeglasses, an asthma puffer and shares in an antihistamine manufacturer?

  11. janeyqdoe says:

    Oooh, and should I go over run Richard’s website with my demonic minions? Sounds like fun.

  12. I’ll speak for me. I’m not teasing. If you believe in supernatural, imaginary friends….you’re an idiot. See, no teasing.
    Belief, because it’s comfortable, and actual thought about it makes you squirm, is a clue you don’t really believe it and have been sold the bill of goods.

  13. Help me out here, Richard. The word of GOD, i’ll repeat that, the word of GOD isn’t supposed to be taken literally? So, after a couple thousand years of the literal meanings to be blown full of holes, now we have the parable arguments. How much of the “word of god” has to be proven false before it’s not really the word of god?

    Nazareth didn’t exist during “Jesus”, no worldwide flood occurred by geological record, the dissemination of species follows evolution to perfection and has zero support for Noah, No historical evidence for Jesus outside of the bible that hasn’t been proven falsified. The Old Testament has all the same problems. At what point, do you give up? If the ENTIRE bible were proven false, for sake of argument, would you still believe “the magic”?

    Intelligent Design is a joke…it works the problem backwards. See how “complicated we are”…we share the design of damn near every animal on the planet…whales have finger bones!!!!! It ignores all of the failed designs that are extinct. And, I can only assume you don’t understand what 14 TRILLION years actually represents. That is a long time a lot can happen.

    You are so disingenuous, it’s not funny. 9/11 was caused by religious zealots furthering the cause of Allah….PERIOD…their own words!!!! Tell me one positive benefit of religion that requires religion…JUST ONE!!!

    You misrepresent Monica’s statements…where did she say “There are starving children in the world, therefore, there is no God.” I’ll wait. Then to further say she doesn’t care based upon nothing you fall into the basic claptrap we here CONSTANTLY. FUCK YOU! We Atheist are helping children as well. Bill Gates did more by himself then you bible thumping, child raping Xian’s thought about doing.

    Atheist don’t have demons, they are as make believe as your god. Thanks for playing.

  14. RHB says:

    “But you say ‘Oh my God’! Somehow you must believe.”

    But you say “Oh Shit!” You must have to take a crap.
    “Bullshit!” You must have spotted some!

    “What’s an idiom!” You’re an idiot.

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  16. Lamar says:

    Spoken like an athiest!

    Did you know that Stem Cells come in all ways (Fat, Umbillical Cord, Placenta, blood, etc)Christians DO NOT oppose Stem Cell research – get your facts right. Christians however are opposed to using embroyonic Stem Cells for research – because Christians do not believe that human life is worth experimenting with.

    Christians aren’t opposed to Gay rights – that don’t infringe on society’s well being. It’s one thing for 2 consenting adults to mix sex with the sh**ter, its another thing to have those adults raise children and bring those children up thinking its ok to do so.

    On the third point, you are a deceiver (kinda like Satan). You make it sound like all Christians are out there bombing Clinics – name one Clinic that was bombed. However, for every Abortion Dr. Killed, as reprehensible as that is, there are 300000 babies that are murdered in their mothers wombs each year in the United States alone – so the crime (killing children who haven’t had a chance to live) is far worse than one Dr. of Death dying.

  17. J. Suss says:

    Well said G Michael.

  18. christian avenger says:

    You unbelievers can laugh and scoff all you want. but you will get yours in the end. because wheather you like it or not, God is real. and when you stand before him on judgement day (and I promise you will) you’ll all regret every careless word you’ve ever spoken.

  19. Monicks says:

    Fictional threats aren’t going to convince those of us who don’t accept fictional incentives.

  20. J. Suss says:

    Too true. That type of mumbo jumbo is akin to saying “The monster under my bed is going to be really upset if you don’t believe in him too. My parents told me hes there and I have this comic book that confirms it – so I promise you, he’s under there.”

  21. hoverfrog says:

    You believers can laugh and scoff all you want. but you will get yours in the end. because wheather you like it or not, God isn’t real. and when you stand die (and I promise you will) you’ll all regret every careless word you’ve ever spoken.

    See, we can make assertions too.

    You’re rhetoric is pointless. Threats of an imaginary hell aren’t going to get us to believe in an imaginary man in the sky. We’d have to believe in hell and a god that watches us for that threat to be effective and then you wouldn’t use it.

  22. christian avenger says:

    Think or say whatever satisfies your sinful hearts. but your ignorance doesn’t mean a thing to me or God or any of God’s other children. the written truth will one day be proven to all you blasphemous mockers, and you won’t be so tough then. it is not a fictional threat! it’s a real promise!

  23. hoverfrog says:

    The good thing about ignorance, Christian avenger, is that it is easy to dispel. Simply impart knowledge about this “god” character that you believe in and back up your claims with evidence to prove that it exists as you say it does. We’ll have no choice but to accept your claims if the evidence is sound and if it stands up to scrutiny.

    Can you do that?

    Of course you can’t. Ask yourself why not.

  24. christian avenger says:

    Ok, hoverfrog. you want evidence of God’s existence? Here’s your evidence: have you noticed this world we live in? just where do you think it came from? oh yeah, the big bang. well, what caused the big bang? gases and chemicals? where did those come from? and where do you think the very first man, woman and animal came from. and most importantly, if there was no God, how would we be able to speak and know what to call everything? have you ever thought about things like that? we christians prove God’s existence all the time! it’s all so simple to understand! you just won’t listen. so sad that you’ve all been blinded by the devil’s lies.

  25. Joey says:

    Hey, guys. I can prove to you God exists. he answered one of my prayers. at the beginning of this month, I was starving hungry, because I accidentally lost a lot of money at the end of last month and was broke earlier than usual. I didn’t know when my next pay was gonna come, so I asked God to please let me recieve it as soon as possible. I heard his voice tell me “tomorrow. I promise.” and guess what? the next day it was in the mail! I’m not lying about this, I swear. belief in God takes just faith and understanding. if you truly seek him with all your heart, he will reveal himself to you like he did with me. trust me.

  26. hoverfrog says:

    That isn’t evidence. That is a logical argument. A flawed logical argument and a fallacious one to boot. It is an argument from ignorance. You don’t understand something so the gods must have been responsible.

    Try again.

  27. hoverfrog says:

    How many prayers has he not answered?

    We call this one “confirmation bias”. Also anecdote isn’t evidence and sometimes coincidences are just coincidences. If you want to verify that prayer works then pray that I’ll win the lottery this weekend. I’ll let you know if I do.

  28. Joey says:

    But don’t you understand? it really does take faith. God wants us to really get know him and love him because he loves us. if we do that, he’ll have every reason to reveal himself to us. why should he just simply reveal himself to those who don’t love? that wouldn’t be right at all. if you want certain things, you have to earn them. if you’ll just think about it, you’ll see that it’s actually understandable. I mean, what have you got to lose?

  29. christian avenger says:

    Hoverfrog, I’m sorry that logical explainations that make perfect sense are not satisfying enough. but, I don’t have to continue trying to explain them. to hell with logic, to hell with scientific evidence, and to hell with the whole “show me and I’ll believe it” attitude. if you and every other non believer want to know for sure that the lord exists, then you do exactly what’s required: give up your sinful nature and seek the lord with all your heart so he will reveal himself to you, like joey said in his comments above. for it is written that we shall live by faith, and not by sight. faith is life is all about, is it not?

  30. hoverfrog says:

    This is what C S Lewis called “fake it till you make it” or try really hard to believe till you push down your reason so much that you’ll believe anything. It is what Orwell called doublethink “where did that knowledge exist? Only in his own consciousness, which in any case must soon be annihilated”

  31. hoverfrog says:

    See the comment on doublethink above. I can no more force myself to belief in gods than I could force myself to believe that the sky is painted glass. I need evidence or at least a really compelling reason to believe in something. The bigger that something that I’m being asked to believe is, the more evidence or reason I need.

    I don’t believe in sin either. I think it is an invented sickness to sell an imaginary cure. I cannot “give up my sinful nature” because I don’t believe in a sinful nature or any other such nonsense.

    We should not have faith. Faith and reason are enemies. Any attempt to convince another person that your faith is true, objectively true, true for everyone, is unthinkable arrogance on your part.

  32. Joey says:

    You know, hoverfrog, there was a time when I was just like you and all other non believers. I made fun of christians all the time and refused the gospel. not to mention, I had a sin record like 30 miles long. I lied, stole, used God’s name as a cuss word, and had dirty fantasies about girls. but after a while, you can’t help but wonder what all that Jesus fuss is about. so I gave it a shot. and the more I read, the more I understood. and I realized that I didn’t want to be the person I was anymore. christian avenger is right. faith is what life is all about. it gets us places, and it can certainly lead us to the lord. but like I said, certain things must be earned. just like performing well at a job so that your boss will give you a raise. and the gospel is not about condemnation. it’s about helping people to better their inner being. and it’s the greatest choice you can ever make. it worked for me, and I bet it’ll work for you and others as well. it just takes faith, obedience and understanding. God Bless.

  33. hoverfrog says:

    I refer you to the part where I said that I don’t believe in sin.

    I made fun of christians all the time and refused the gospel. not to mention, I had a sin record like 30 miles long. I lied, stole, used God’s name as a cuss word, and had dirty fantasies about girls.

    Bias, exaggeration and selective use of facts are the mainstay of Christians. Selective memory is a way to maintain cognitive dissonance. I’m sure that you were probably no bigger an asshat than you are now that you are a Christian. Probably less of one.

  34. Joey says:

    There’s no need to be rude, hoverfrog. I’m only trying help. but I understand how you feel, and I’m truly sorry that the enemy devil satan who hates you and I has sucsessfully made you believe his lies about God, the afterlife and himself being fictional, so that he may drag you down with him to be punished in eternal hellfire which God does not want to happen to anyone. but because God loves us, he won’t force us to be saved. he gave us all the gift of free will. so if you choose to reject the good news, I respect your choice. I only hope that you’ll eventually come to know and love our lord Jesus Christ the way he loves you. and may he bring you to the eternal happiness he wants us all to have. God Bless.

  35. christian avenger says:

    I don’t know what your problem is, hoverfrog, but I’m getting pretty damn sick and tired of it. my people try to reason with you and be nice to you, and you continue being a rude thick-headed creep. it’s people like you that make it difficult for everyone to understand each other. your nothing but a bully. and all bullies will eventually get what’s coming to them.

  36. christian avenger says:

    Hey, Joey, don’t even listen to that sound like a real nice guy and people like yourself with your positive attitude will amount to much more than people like hoverfrog and all other non believing infedils. keep the faith, and may the lord bless you, your loved ones and all the rest of our brothers and sisters in Christ. Peace.

  37. Joey says:

    thank you, christian avenger. but I’m not worried about any hate that I may recieve from those who don’t share our faith. because I know that the lord loves me as he does you and the rest of our christian siblings. but I do appreciate your concern, so thanks again. and may God bless you and your loved ones too. Peace, Bro.

  38. hoverfrog says:

    Perhaps we atheists are being too subtle here so let me be explicit. We do not believe in gods. Your pathetic threats of Satan and eternal torture in hell (such a loving god btw) are not going to frighten anyone unless they already believe. We atheists don’t believe so your threats are about as effective as me telling you that the bears who live in the cracks in the pavement will eat you if you tread on them.

  39. hoverfrog says:

    My problem, christian avenger, is the sanctimonious, self absorbed bullshit that you True (TM) Believers spout constantly in an effort to force conformity of any dissenting voice. You aren’t satisfied with keeping your weak little delusions to yourself, you have to force them into laws and onto other people. You have to interfere with the lives of others and demand your Christian privilege.

    I couldn’t give a shit how sick and tired you are of my not kowtowing to you. You aren’t reasoning, you’re demanding. I will now accept your privilege or your assumption that your way is the only way and I will resist the wickedness of organised religion until it has been pushed to the very edges of society. Unlike you lunatics though I will use only words to do so. I won’t try to force laws restricting rights to Christians as you lot do to women. I won’t try to outlaw your religious marriages as you do to gay marriages. Far from being a bully I will stand up to your bullying tactics and correct you wherever I meet your kind.

    “your nothing but a bully” – “You’re”

  40. christian avenger says:

    I’ve had more than enough of your disrespect, hoverfrog! I’ve been holding back as much as I could, but now you’ve got me angry, so I’m gonna come right out and say it: you are one of the most egotistical male chauvinist pigs I’ve ever dealt with! do not accuse me or my people of forcing our beliefs upon you and all your buddies! we try to help you, and you dump all over us! you have absolutely no sense of moral or conscience! you want to live in darkness? then you go right ahead. I don’t care one way or another. me and all my christian siblings will all be living happily with God in heaven while you filthy satanic outlaws are screaming in pain from the pits of hell, just as you deserve! you may think they’re delusions and fictional threats, but you’ll soon find out that they are very real promises! wait and see! you have been warned!

  41. Joey says:

    I feel sorry for people like yourself, hoverfrog. you have a bad attitude, and you’ll never get along well in life, if you continue treating people this way.

  42. FRIENDS-FOR-CHANGE supporter says:

    Christians, look, I know how tempting it is to respond when atheists insult you. but, don’t you see, thats what they want? the more you respond, the uglier its gonna become. all this fighting isn’t going to get us anywhere. I know how sensitive you guys must be, but trust me, the best thing to do is ignore it and avoid it, so that we can enjoy life while it lasts. Peace.

  43. anthony says:

    Hell fuckin yeah, FRIENDS-FOR-CHANGE supporter! this kinda shit is the reason this mean-ass world is gettin so damn crazy. cause there be so many damn people that be goin at each other every damn day by writing pissed off comments at one another online. if shit like this continues, we could all be headed for world fuckin war 3! they don’t realize that all they doin is wastin valuable time in their lives by fightin so damn much. if y’all want to be happy, just stay the fuck away from sites like this, please! you do that, and I promise y’all, we’ll get along just fine. Peace out, homies.

  44. j.c. says:

    I couldn’t have said it better myself brother. all this rage is tearing our world apart day by day. so to all christians reading this: let me just say that I believe in Jesus, just like you guys do. and I know how tough it can be, dealing with unbelievers, but harsh words are not the answer. we can’t get them to believe if they don’t want to. and to all atheists: christians won’t bug you as long as you respect their beliefs and don’t make fun of them. so let’s all just calm the hell down and try to respect one another like mature people. because these online wars will do nothing but sufficate our health and ruin all our lives. we just need to calm down.

  45. Joey says:


  46. Tori says:

    Yeah. I mean, why is getting the last word so important to everybody? if that goes on, the world is only gonna get crazier. just let it go, and may we all find peace Jesus’ name.

  47. hoverfrog says:

    Disrespect is the right word. I have no respect for your hateful religion. Beliefs deserve no respect. Human beings get respect which they can increase or lose. I lost respect for you when you came here, to Monica’s site, and immediately launched into threats of hellfire. This was your comment “You unbelievers can laugh and scoff all you want. but you will get yours in the end.” and you’ve gotten no better.

    You don’t like being called on your shitty attitude? Change your attitude. Keep your empty threats to yourself too unless you want even more open mockery.

  48. christian avenger says:

    Tori, I agree 100% with everything you and the past few people have said. I know it’s best to just ignore the online insults. there are just so many unreasonable people out there who upset people like myself so much, that sometimes it’s hard to remember the right thing to do. but I’m glad to see that there are still many other mature people with understanding in their hearts. and I pray that I’ll be able to focus more on their view, because there clearly is no point in wasting any valuable time trying to reason with certain indaviduals who refuse to accept it.

  49. Tori says:

    You just hang in there, christian avenger, and I promise, you’ll succeed.

  50. christian avenger says:

    You know what hoverfrog? I’m done trying to convince you. the only reason I ever came here and immediately lashed out at you and every other non believer is because you all started it by insulting my people. and you know very well you did. but I’m no longer the least bit offended. because you’ve only feuled my determination to protect the innocent from all the violence & cruelty in the world. and one last thing: christianity is certainly not hateful. it teaches nothing but love. you’ve only based certain judgement on false leaders who pervert the gospel and use it in a bad way. but many others are loyal to it. in fact, many of my brothers and sisters in Christ are the nicest people in the world. who are every bit as upset about the corruption of our religion as I am. one day I’ll prove it.

  51. hoverfrog says:

    Christian avenger, is that what you’ve been trying to do? Well if you want to convince me of the truth of your assertions then you need to produce evidence supporting them. That should be easy if your claims are true. If you can’t produce evidence supporting them then maybe you need to reassess your claims.

    christianity is certainly not hateful. it teaches nothing but love.

    Nothing but love. Really? That’s your claim now? What denomination are you?

  52. christian avenger says:

    What denomination am I? here’s youranswer, hoverfrog: the right kind. and here are some examples of what I mean by that. ones that prove that christianity really is about love: true christians do not encourage violence and hate. true christians clearly speak against injustice, racism and bigotry. true christians are against gossip and are not at all in favor of judging and making fun of those that are different. and true christians are not in the habit of bashing unbelievers. but before you accuse me of being hypocritical about that one, let me make it clear that I don’t bash unbelievers unless they bash people I love. because it makes me very upset that certain infidels insult my spiritual families, just because certain people have corrupted the bible and disobey it’s rules against cruelty and harshness. I can assure you that my people and I are out to redeem our religion from the evil men that are making it look bad.

  53. hoverfrog says:

    The right one? So all the others are the wrong ones then?

    Allow me to introduce you to the No True Scotsman fallacy.

  54. Ray says:

    I agree with christian avenger. not all christians are as bad as atheists think. certain indaviduals just make it look that way! evil sinful people that go against all the cruelty, hatred, violence and condemnation which the bible clearly speaks against. I mean, we christians try to explain that to non believers. but how the hell can we, if they’re all pissed off?

  55. Joey says:

    That’s the trouble in dealing with most unbelievers. many of them are so easily offended by anything in the gospel that sounds condemning to them, that they take it the wrong way and instantly criticize us. that may be part of the reason why so many christian leaders turn so harsh and violent, instead of remaining calm and tolerant. I’m not really trying to blame anyone, but, I’ve seen it happen many times.

  56. Tori says:

    So have I. what on earth is ever going to become of us if these kind of misunderstandings continue? we all need to learn to stop for minute and think about certain possibilities before jumping to the wrong conclusions.

  57. FRIENDS-FOR-CHANGE supporter says:

    Well-said, guys!

  58. christian avenger says:

    Amen to it!

  59. peace4life says:

    “We must learn to live together as brothers, or perish together as fools.” – Martin Luther King Jr.

  60. bren says:

    two thousand years of brainwashing.
    you cant fight that
    we just raise our kids right and in a few generations we’ll have countered the cultists and (as Dawkins called them) “History Deniers”

  61. salvaje says:

    Wow!! Cristian Avenger. That’s the same argument the Muslims use. And they get the same answer Hoverfrog provided

  62. Raging Atheist says:

    You heard his voice? That sounds like a mad case of schizophrenia.

  63. Jacks says:

    Hi all. Firstly, I am an atheist. I am a good person and do not need any religion to lead my life in a good way. And this quote pretty much sums it up. “I contend that we are both atheists. I just believe in one fewer god than you do. When you understand why you dismiss all the other possible gods, you will understand why I dismiss yours”

    People can believe what they want. I also have faith too, but in real things. God doesn’t exist to me, but I can see why a god might exist to some people. I don’t need it and never will.

  64. Marcus says:

    Hey, Christian Avenger (LOL), I’ll stand up to any bully and. I don’t care who they are. Your notion that god will get us at playtime tells us about the kind of person you. and the others like you are, and nothing more. I suppose you and the other sad acts will stand around geeing on the celestial Nelson Muntz, while he beats up Bart Simpson. Your own inadequacy is shown by your need not to let go of an authority figure. I wonder how close you still are to your parent(s).

  65. Dontcallmeback says:

    If christians say that god created the universe… then who created HIM? Did he just poof out from the sky. Wouldn’t the theory of the big bang be more normal as in referring to poof out of the sky thingy? I mean, award winning scientists supporting the big bang theory vs a 3000+ year old book written before the land of time where the net was simply a smart way to catch fish and women being treated as second class citizens?

  66. Alejandra says:

    I disagree that God, will get you when you die,Jesus preached and died for grace, wich means that regardless of the sins you made you have forgivess and therefore reach an eternal life. I think there has to be a diferent aproach on Jesus, sometimes people can distort the true message he gave. I am not trying to convince Anyone i have my very own beliefs, i am just saying that not all the folowers of Jesus dont believe,study, accept science regarding to the beginning of the universe, i actually find it quite exiting to know that the bosson higgs particle has been found ,the particle that actually unifys gravity and mass to the system is fascinating, and how complex and at the same time very organized our world is, but still i believe there has to be a God beyond all that, because for some of us, even though our life seems to be perfect, complete there is something missing at the end of the puzzle, something that fills the gap and nurtures our soul in to a higher state of spirituality and that is God. I don’t intend to convince anyone since i think its something that has to be experienced by the self. But i am just pointing out that not all of the folowers of Jesus are actual ignorants.

  67. Consummate Doubter says:

    I am an anti theist and disagree with most of what I read on this site. In my opinion, God is a coping mechanism and I have no issue with anyone who uses it. I was raised in a mildly religious home, was baptized and searched for answers for years. I have decided that I just can’t know the truth, one way or the other but I feel that it is more likely than not that God is a myth.

    Some folks just can’t accept that view. So be it. I keep it pretty much to myself to avoid the inevitable questions or the uncomfortable attempts to save me, but I won’t lie if I am asked. I feel like I need to be as good a person as I can (a constant struggle) but not because I wish to please God. I do it because I wish to be treated well by others and feel that I cannot expect that to happen if I’m an asshole to them. I don’t accept the idea of sin but bad behavior is just wrong.

    The folks posting here, on both sides of the argument have let emotion guide their typing hands. That deflates any argument. It just allows readers to dismiss the posts as prejudicial. Unfortunately, logic won’t get anyone anywhere either. If it could, it would have ended the debate long ago. Civil people can agree to disagree and just change the topic, however this is a web page dedicated to bashing Christians, so let me just post a few comments about that.

    Evolution is a theory. It can be backed up with a ton of facts but the semantics demand that is remains unsettled. It hasn’t ended. No case closed.

    Creation happened. The mechanism for it can be debated, but it sure happened. Intelligent Design is another semantic. In my opinion, nature here on planet Earth “designed” everything and it takes intelligence to figure out how. I don’t think a sentient being did that deed. Eyes are a great example (per an episode of the new Cosmos). How we have eyes “seems” preordained but the “evolution” of eyes can be shown with fossil evidence. In my “eyes”, all the more intelligent, and astounding as well.

    Religion, in its base, uncorrupted form is not bad. Indeed, it can be very beneficial for many folks. Unfortunately, it like any large mass of people is susceptible to being overrun by genuinely bad people and when that happens genuinely bad things can happen. That can be said for just about any large organization imaginable. Hitler did not use religion but he may just as well have. Lots of evil things happened because he was able to control a large number of people (a country in this case) and bent the entire organization to his will. Same can be said for Osama bin Laden, Jim Jones, etc. They used religion. Evil people doing evil things and using misguided (and sometimes evil as well) people to do their bidding.

    I’m an atheist, however I think abortion is wrong. I’m an atheist but vote republican. I’m an atheist but think homosexuals are mutations or if not born that way, just plain misguided. I’m an atheist but believe in the liberal use of the death penalty. I believe murderers should face the judgement and penalty of the victim’s family and should they be willing to forgive, the murderer should spend their remaining years in prison at hard labor. I believe those who do harm to children, should be punished severely, in proportion to the harm they have done.

    I listen to loud, aggressive rock music but have not been swayed to believe in a devil. I listen to jazz and all sorts of other music and have not been persuaded to follow Satan. I am fascinated by history and I especially like documentaries that attempt to show historical evidence of Biblical events. I have read much of the Bible (not all-it’s just too plodding) and find some if it beautiful but most of it fictional.

    I think that when humans die, we return to the ground. Our energy moves on to other things. The patterns that make us disappear and we are gone. The only way we can live on is through the memories of others. Historical figures like Alexander the Great or even Hitler have achieved the closest thing any of us will ever get to immortality. Once we begin the final sleep it is just like it was before we were born. Nothing. Our lives, everything we are began with our conception (yup, I believe in that too) and end when the electrical activity in our brains cease. We decompose and we are no more.

    God is a comfort to many and I have no desire to argue that away for them or ridicule those ideas in general or denigrate those who believe them. I just want to be remembered as a nice guy by those I care for and that’s the end.

  68. Yummywax says:

    “Spoken like an athiest!

    Did you know that Stem Cells come in all ways (Fat, Umbillical Cord, Placenta, blood, etc)Christians DO NOT oppose Stem Cell research – get your facts right. Christians however are opposed to using embroyonic Stem Cells for research – because Christians do not believe that human life is worth experimenting with.

    Christians aren’t opposed to Gay rights – that don’t infringe on society’s well being. It’s one thing for 2 consenting adults to mix sex with the sh**ter, its another thing to have those adults raise children and bring those children up thinking its ok to do so.

    On the third point, you are a deceiver (kinda like Satan). You make it sound like all Christians are out there bombing Clinics – name one Clinic that was bombed. However, for every Abortion Dr. Killed, as reprehensible as that is, there are 300000 babies that are murdered in their mothers wombs each year in the United States alone – so the crime (killing children who haven’t had a chance to live) is far worse than one Dr. of Death dying.”

    First of all, using embryonic stem cells for research is furthering mankind’s knowledge, and is not hurting anyone, for it is an unborn, undeveloped human who’s parents donated it for the cause of science and knowledge.

    Second of all, all that you stated about homosexuals is that they “mix sex with the sh**ter” and that they bring up children to do so as well. “Mixing sex with the sh**ter” is their way of being intimate, and that isn’t a problem because it’s not impacting you or anyone else. Also, do you really think that they bring up their children to do so as well? Are you going to bring up your son to mix sex in the p**sy? I would think not.

    Third of all, abortion is actually a good thing. If people make a mistake while having sex, they should be able to get another chance. Imagine if you’re a fifteen year old girl who, for some reason had sex, and later found out she was pregnant. That would be a life-ruining moment for you, because you would be responsible for taking care of the baby, and if you were to put it in an orphanage, in order to not have to take care of it, it would have a pretty bad life, and you would feel bad about it. You can’t kill a baby before it is alive, you just stop the growing and development process. That way, it remains an object, and not a dead baby that was “murdered in it’s mother’s womb” or a “child who didn’t have a chance to live”.


  69. Morning Star says:



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