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Consequences of learning science


7 Responses to Consequences of learning science

  1. Denise says:

    I can’t teach you about Martin Luther King because next thing ya know, you homos might get the idea that you might deserve to have civil rights!

  2. Scott says:

    Best cartoon ever!

  3. gabriel says:

    i am just beginning my new college courses, one is business history., and the other is critical thinking, but this is shit i realized at 10, what exactly is your target group here?
    its bad enough that kids have to deal with ignorant parents trying to explain why santa is real till you are 6-7, and god never dies but god damn! you think its ant easier for the kids to be told not to believe in anything. at least explain to them instead of making it a cartoon to laugh at! that is just as bad as JOE CAMEL JACK-ASS! DARWIN is not a bad name, especially if you explain he’s not just a comedian that proposed a theory proved twice over, even by the bible. if you would like to talk about that then do! comics are for kids who have been lied enough don;’t you think?

  4. Beast says:

    Who exactly is the target audience here? Any one who is sick and tired of the religious right and their crusade to make children into morons. The cartoon is a satire on a very serious subject. Have you been watching the rethuglican presidential circus? If you look at those clowns and their followers you would notice that the cartoon is very relevant sad to say. Children learn satire early if they are shown it. An example is “Highlights for Children” a children’s magazine that makes learning fun. It has cartoons that children laugh at as they learn! A word of advice if you want your college professors to take you seriously; take an English class and a writing class then proof read what you write.

  5. Bev says:

    Oh Gabriel, Sorry your funny bone no longer works. Very sad indeed. Humor teaches more than vinegar to borrow a saying. Target audience? Anyone who can read and reason. . .

  6. hoverfrog says:

    Ha ha, awesome.

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