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OMG! — Tweet of The Day

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No, no, theists don’t get exclusivity on words, “god” is just a word — for a construct. Not to mention that it’s theists who aren’t supposed to take their god’s name in vain.

Don’t you, worshipers of that Abrahamic god, know that it is blasphemous to use “Oh my god”?

Actually, I am more inclined to say “Oh my Zeus!” (◕‿~)✿

Saying that atheists can’t say “OMG” ’cause we’re godless is like saying that theists can’t say “common sense” ’cause they lack it. @Monicks

8 Responses to OMG! — Tweet of The Day

  1. imbrocata says:

    Another good one when creationists say, Q:”If man came from monkeys, why are there still monkeys?”, A/Q: “If God made Adam from dirt, why is there still dirt?”. Saw that on reddit:)

  2. Imbrocata, Fantastic. I just watched several clips of Dawkins on Real Time Bill M., and they were discussing Christine O’Donnell, and how she doesn’t believe in evolution because when she looks at a chimpanzee, she cannot see it change. In other words, she wonders why chimps, (in a matter of a few years) do not morph into something else. It was pretty funny.

  3. markkoop says:

    Even when I was a theist, I never understood how saying “Oh my God” was taking anyone’s name in vain. God is not the Abrahamic god’s name anymore than my name is Man. It’s what I am, not my name. That’s why Judaism never had a problem with saying “Elohim”, but did treat Yahweh’s actual name with so much reverence that they wouldn’t even pronounce it when reading (saying instead “Adonai”), and there’s still debate as to what the actual pronunciation is.

  4. STL_Sean says:

    When an atheist says “oh my god!” it is usually in response to something that they find just as unbelievable as the subject of that phrase.

  5. hoverfrog says:

    Personally I try to avoid superstition and words related to it but so few people genuinely do believe in magic men in the sky that OMG seems pretty harmless. I mean if they did believe in a cosmic judge who watched them all the time (even when they were on the loo) would they really act the way that they do? I think not.

  6. Oh no, they believe then do whatever they wish…pop out a “my bad” to sky dad…then do it again without guilt….divorced one of them.

  7. Andrew Hall says:

    I like to say OMFG!
    Oh my fictitious God!


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