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god works in mysterious ways – Tweet of The Day

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Right, because the only explanation is “god did it”, and when god’s motives seem fishy, it must be god’s “mysterious ways”.  *facepalm*

You say “god works in mysterious ways,” what I hear is “god works in ways mysteriously similar to random probability.” @Monicks

2 Responses to god works in mysterious ways – Tweet of The Day

  1. hktelemacher says:

    The other catch phrase you hear a lot of “God’s Plan”. If something good happens, God is responsible. If something bad happens, it’s actually not bad at all it is good because it is “God’s Plan”. And of course we are all too small minded to possibly understand God’s Plan. There is literally no way to falsify that chain of “logic”, everything validates God whether it is your flowers bloomed or someone’s (or your) kid died of cancer.

    How more people don’t see the sheer ridiculousness of it is baffling.

  2. janeyqdoe says:

    And ‘God’s plan’ is always a much worse plan than anything we could have come up with…


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