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Happy Hug An Atheist Day!

It’s the fourth anniversary of Hug An Atheist Day, so this is just a reminder:

It doesn’t matter what your worldview is, practice a little tolerance. Find your nearest Atheist, Absurdist, Agnostic, Anti-Religionist, Antitheist, Apatheist, Deist, Dystheist, Existentialist, Freethinker, Gropaga, Ignostic, Mahayana, Marxist, Misotheist, Naturalistic Pantheist, Nihilist, Nontheist, Pastafarian, Secular Humanist, Skeptic, Spagnostic, Structuralist, Buddhist, Zenbuddhist, or anyone else who doubts the existence of a god, and  & give him/her the biggest hug ever!

Soooo, to you, dear reader who favor me with your visit, consider yourself warmly hugged.

My super-special-huge-atheistic-hug is for my fiancé Joshua McGee. I love you, Joshie. ♥

3 Responses to Happy Hug An Atheist Day!

  1. Joshua McGee says:

    Oh, honey. You will get all the enormous hugs you want from me, forever. ♥

  2. hoverfrog says:

    I’d have to hug almost everyone I know. So be it.

  3. Hugs right back at you. keep up the great work!


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