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The “God Particle” — I do not think it means what you think it means.

Are you people-of-faith really that confused? Seriously?

The “God Particle” epithet comes from the title of the book The God Particle: If the Universe Is the Answer, What Is the Question? by American Physicist Leon Lederman, whose draft title was That Goddamn Particle, referencing their frustration about the elusive nature of the missing particle that fits into The Standard Model of physics: The Higgs boson, named after English theoretical physicist Peter Ware Higgs.

This information is really not hard to find at all. If you can tweet, you can google. Actually, you should google and read a little before tweeting about something that you don’t understand — it’s called common sense. Oh wait!

24 Responses to The “God Particle” — I do not think it means what you think it means.

  1. Peter Leib says:

    How funny… I asked my parents today if they heard anything about the Higgs particle or “God Particle” on mainstream news, my mom didn’t and my dad read about it on Yahoo.

    Wonder where all of these “people of faith?” got their info from?? My first instinct was to Google it and find out what it was exactly…I do not claim to come close to understanding what it is, but it would seem it is a remarkable discovery quite the opposite of proving the existence of god…

    How did you get all those tweets live in your post like that? Very cool in execution…very amusing in content!

  2. ZenShadow says:

    Dayum Monicks … your blog here is a great example of the Higgs Effect… you are a “Proton” for #Atheism that attracts #TeamJesus (which represent the HIggs Bosons) … giving your posts … mass (replies) … ta da! (similar to the standard Celebrity attracting a crowd analogy that is often used to explain Higgs.)

  3. Beast says:

    These comments prove the saying “ignorance is bliss” beyond reasonable doubt.

  4. Beast says:

    The word comments should be tweets for clarity.

  5. semantics & ego ruins a great discussion. Definitions all fall short. Creation is conscious, and God is an abused child in a custody battle.

  6. ZenShadow says:

    Here’s a cute little video (endorsed by Alyssa Milano!) that does a good job of de-mystifying the Higgs. Try to listen with your religious hearing aids turned off … mmmk? This is Science Stuff … not Jesus Stuff.

    Higgs Boson VIDEO: A Metaphor To Explain The Particle, Or Further Confuse You

  7. tyy says:

    These comments are seriously dangerous: unaware reader may be subject to brain damage.

  8. gt says:

    pretty sure some of these tweets are sarcastic.

  9. ZenShadow says:

    You realize the theorist who predicted the particle, Peter Higgs was aghast when told there was a book being published titled the “God Particle” since he realized that it would be very misunderstood by the Layman as implying some religious belief being championed by science. He was correct (just look at these twitter comments from the peanut gallery here – they are all thinking this is some “Jesus Particle” or something. No it’s not. It’s the discovery of an important piece of the Quantum Standard Model. That’s all. All very Scientific. No God Here. Sorry.

    Here’s a bit more education video. Sorry if it makes you sleepy. God wants you to take a nap and not learn the truth.

    What Is the Higgs Boson? | Video of the Week, Scientific American Blog Network

  10. Jason Bowling says:

    you all, are idiots. The god particle does not prove there is a god. if anything it proves the big bang theory. “god particle” is just a name. However one could argue that god made this particle, which would be totally acceptable, but please stop it with “check mate atheists” doing this only shows you haven’t done any research on the particle and are making assumptions based on a name.

  11. Dan MacDuff says:

    ACTUALLY:!!! this discovery is proof of yet another force that doesn’t need a man-made superstition to explain it.

  12. Will says:

    hate to break it to you, but i think a good 40% of these tweets are sarcastic, mocking the way religious people think.

  13. Will says:

    on a a second look…its more than 40%

  14. Among other things, the post proves that Atheists can also fail a Poe’s law test…

  15. seshatsdiary says:

    Too bad they didn’t leave it as “that goddamn particle” – that has a nice ring to it. I know, I’m an atheist who curses by taking “God’s” name in vain.

  16. Mari says:

    Just as the laws of gravity don’t refute God’s existence, the fact that the particle supports the Big Bang Theory does not necessarily disprove creationism. It simply means we have a further understanding of the universe’s functions, which is pretty awesome if you ask me(: Just saying.

  17. atheist says:

    you idiots the god particle is just use to label the higgs boson particle . It just proves that the universe and all life is started by the big bang not by a god or gods. Btw the original name should be the goddamn particle but was rejected by the publisher and thus changed to god particle. This proves gods or god dont exist. Check mate theists……….it’s over you can’t use castling anymore.

  18. Ditto on the Poe comment. So much Poe in these tweets.

    Besides, some of “us Christians” are actually physicists and are quite excited about the Higgs Boson.

  19. seefairplap says:

    You it would seem the Higgs Boson seem to prove the opposite of God’s existence. I’m not looking for any kind of argument, I’m just looking for information on how it would have anything to do with proving or disproving God. Because I can’t seem to find any.

  20. seefairplay says:

    HOW!? I really want to know?

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  22. Maki P says:

    I think I prefer the ones who refuse to believe in the “God Particle” and prefer to believe in God, at least they know this isn’t supposed to be an evidence of the existence of God (Of course, if you understand what the Higgs Boson is and want to believe that’s evidence of God, that’s fine)

  23. Jason says:

    The theists seem interested in who created what. Men wrote/created the bible. More accurately they assembled it on the orders of a Roman emperor, Constantine, who wanted more order and control. He then ordered all the gospels that didn’t work for him to be burned. Where is there any hint of evidence that an invisible super-genius participated in its assembly?

    More sadly, I read dozens and dozens of the comments/tweets above, and didn’t see a single “follower” obeying the directive to save souls. Seems they are all strictly interested in competing for points / evidence of being (personally) right. How, oh how will we all get to heaven if the believers are so consumed with being right that they never get around to transcending their egos and sacrificing everything to further the message of Jesus!?

  24. Gonzalo A. says:

    90% Sarcasm.


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