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Marriage equality explained through food

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4 Responses to Marriage equality explained through food

  1. Kwame says:

    The difference is that whether you have pancakes or toast 4 breakfast, heterosexual couples can use that early morning energy to go back in the sack and “make babies”. Not a very good score for the team.

  2. Luiz Gomez says:

    Homosexual couples can use the same early morning energy to go back in the sack and “practice making babies”. What’s the score now?

  3. Kwame says:

    We will see in nine months!!

  4. hoverfrog says:

    What does that have to do with marriage? So a couple eat breakfast and go back to bed for some nookie. Great. They don’t have to be married to do this and they don’t have to be making babies to enjoy the sex. You could even represent this in a Venn diagram where marriage and sex are two independent sets that overlap or to really complicate things add making babies as a third set.

    Anyway I’m just mentioning this to point out how silly your argument is. You may as well say that the couples have a different breakfast and the hetero couple then go and visit their homophobic relatives, something that the gay couple can’t do because of all the insults that they get and a refusal by the homophobes to meet with them.

    It’s not a score for the straight team, you aren’t even talking about the same game.

    Anyway, my friends, Tracey and Anna are a lesbian couple and have two children. My friends, Victoria and Andy, are a straight couple but have no children. Victoria takes contraceptive pills to prevent pregnancy, neither Tracey no Anna do this. Score for the gay team?

    No, that would be silly.


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