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I hate it when atheists celebrate Christmas!

You people are funny.

No, no. You got it all backwards. It is you, Christians, who hijacked Christmas from the Pagans’ celebration called Saturnalia, that is the Christmas that you celebrate nowadays.  It used to be a year-end celebration of the solstice that involved decorating trees, giving presents, and throwing parties. But if you’re an adult and you don’t know this, it’s probably because you can’t be bothered to even google it, in which case it’s totally fine — you have the right to reject knowledge, and rejoice in your cultivated ignorance.

But you don’t have the right to call atheists “hypocrites”!

Let me break it down for you:

It would be hypocritical of us to celebrate Christmas if we celebrated, like Christians do, Jesus’ birth, then you would be right to call atheists ‘hypocrites”, but we couldn’t care less about Jesus and his fake designated date of birth. It is not our fault that the hijackers called it “Christmas”. **I** don’t call it “Christmas”.

Being an atheist on Christmas is like being a vegetarian on Thanksgiving. You don’t feast on that part of the banquet that most people think is key, but you can enjoy all the sides and make whatever you want as the main course.

We just go with the flow. We are thankful for the—often mandatory—days off work, and the family gatherings that we don’t have the time to organize and attend in any other time of the year. Some of us do enjoy our families. We have an “excuse” to give our loved ones presents, and many of our family members are Christians, so we indulge them, because we love them.

So it is you, dear Christian, who are celebrating a Pagan celebration… but I won’t tell you that you are the one who deserves to be called a hypocrite… because that is implicit. (◕‿~)✿


42 Responses to I hate it when atheists celebrate Christmas!

  1. Hypersapien says:

    What’s really nuts is how much fundamentalists, as usual, get bent out of shape over what other people do.

  2. thesauros says:

    I wonder who made the rule that only one group can celebrate on any given day. And can we be certain that the pagans got December 25th first? Maybe there was some other group before them.

    What if we’re all breaking the rule. That would be just horrible!

    Also, why would those who celebrate the solstice (dec 21) celebrate on dec 25th?

    It makes about as much sense as being an atheist.

  3. James Smith says:

    It has reached the point where “christian” and “hypocrite” are semantically equal.

    There is not lie, no statement so absurd that they will not try to use it to justify their sick beliefs.

  4. witch'son says:

    ** Midwinter Day a feast day for the return of light and life

    Today (21 Dec) in the high northern latitudes is the holy day of Midwinter not the beginning of winter, but the middle of winter, which began back on 2 Nov, the day of the dead.

    Midwinter Day celebrates the return of the Sun (not Son of God). The rebirth of light (not the birth of christ). Those of us with “witch’s blood” — one of my foremothers was hanged as a witch in colonial MA — celebrate Yule during Yuletide.

    The burning of the Yule Log symbolizes the return of the Sun which once again will not be swallowed by darkness forever. Its sacred plants are “ever” green: ivy, holly, fir trees and their boughs, and mistletoe.

    Mistletoe is especially sacred as the plant that grows in the sacred oak without need of roots into the soil. The myths say that so modest in strength was the mistletoe that the old gods did not ask it to swear not to harm the god of light, Baldur. But, Loki the ever-evil found a way to make an arrow out of mistletoe. He shot Baldur through an eye killing him. Winter is the malice of Loki intent on ruining the works of Baldur left behind.

    Today in the US the calvinist throwbacks, Seventh Day Adventists, still treat xmas as a “pagan” (Roman/Germanic/Celtic) abomination — its light and life and dancing and feasting and drinking are injurious to their puritanical spirits.

    Their dead god will not return. The Sun always returns — here the myth makers based their thinking on observations made over thousands of years. Once a year the Sun would go no farther south — the next days would be longer day-by-day for the next six months — til Midsummer Day, the day of Avalon, the apple paradise the day outside of time.

  5. Wow, I actually didn’t know this type of christian thinking existed. I can’t say I’m very surprised though.

  6. lacontrabasse says:

    Even the Creator of your Universe gets confused about the details of the Christmas Festival, as can be seen in a YouTube video posted directly from the Creator’s studio.
    See ‘ God’s Christmas Message ‘ .

  7. Sara says:

    I think it’s already been explained why atheists would celebrate on Dec. 25th. Many of us have Christian relatives, who celebrate their holiday on the 25th. As far as I’ve seen, though, most get togethers with strictly atheist attendees take place on the Winter Solstice day.

    And considering how long humans have been around I’m sure some holiday has been celebrated before the pagans by some group somewhere in the world that happened to fall on the day of the cycle we call December 25th.

    A chunk of that comment was basically agreeing with everything that was already said, then it ended with “atheists don’t make sense”. So…that doesn’t really make sense.

  8. Esteban Mata says:

    I find funny all that discusión about the “Christ” part in “Christmas”, because is only a problem for those who speak english.

    In spanish, my mother language, we call it “Navidad”, that comes from “nativitatis”. It doesn’t include a direct reference to christ as in english.

    Your problems about it being called CHRISTmas, or saying Happy Hollidays instead of Christmas, are only a problem in USA. The atheist in the rest of the world don’t even bother about that issue and we just party hard in these days 😀

  9. Chas Traupmann says:

    Newtonmas in celebration of Sir Isaac Newton’s birthday December 25th

    Long celebrated by Atheists

  10. hoverfrog says:

    I just like giving and receiving presents, eating and drinking more than is good for me and spending time with my friends and family. I don’t need a silly myth about a man on a stick to enjoy that.

    Have a good Giftmas everyone.

  11. Captain Anime says:

    its just Culture Shock on Christians they want to control population and thoughts so they can feel Secure in there Culture but life is not safe and you have to work on peace and understanding, its not a given

  12. Mal says:

    Are we praying? Going to Church? Taking communion? Discriminating against women, gays, people of other faiths?

    No? Not celebrating ‘Christ’, no matter what you call the day.

    Although, to be fair, if Christ ever existed, he wouldn’t have celebrated christmas either.

  13. Jamie says:

    I wrote a similar article here:

    I have called it the holiday season for years now. But, given the backlash on twitter, I have decided to call it Christmas. I am hijacking it from the hijackers, and going one step further, by stealing their name too. It’s much more fun that way.

  14. Juan says:

    I’m an atheist who reenacts the tradition of Christmas passed down to me from my christian forefathers. Lots of fun, cool settings for fantastic stories, and I like fantasy and sci-fi.

  15. Gil Gamesh says:

    “And can we be certain that the pagans got December 25th first? Maybe there was some other group before them.”

    A group before pagans, you say? Hmmm, might that have been a group that didn’t believe in any god?

  16. Stephanie says:

    I don’t get this at all because if you are a true Christian like lot of people preach they are to rejoice with everyone I have many Christian friend and many who are not and not only one Christmas do we rejoice but we have done it on the forth of July and many none holidays as well Judge or be judged I don’t get it I love people for who they are Christians, Atheists, Jewish, Wick-in, I don’t care if your gay, straight, purple, yellow green or blue I know that makes me different but as far as the last time I checked I am Christian and the different people is what makes the world go round and I learn something new form people not the religion, faith, color, or back ground so to all people I hope you have a Happy New Year! and please try to accept for who they are not what they are! and people wonder why there are BULLY’s really just love one another

  17. Jeff says:

    It all comes down to the fact that what we often describe as religion (or specifically christianity) is a mixture of religion and culture. I suspect that at some point in the near future, the majority of us will no longer be religious, but we will still maintain a large part of christian culture, including its stories and celebrations. There’s nothing inherently religious about celebrating Christmas or even invoking biblical stories and symbols. At some point, I hope those cultural aspects of religion become as secular as Santa Clause and we will tell nice christian stories without the need to think they are anything more than stories. It is only when you truly believe in a god and supernatural events that you are bringing religion to the table and, frankly, talking crazy.

  18. Crowden says:

    I long ago realized that logical discussions with the uber-religious are largely futile. When one’s worldview doesn’t include critical thinking, one’s opinions can’t (and won’t) ever change.

    I posted a “true meaning of Christmas” some years back that still seems rather appropriate: (for those who like mixing humor into the dialogue – as I do)

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  20. michael4o says:


    The solstice is celebrated on the 25th because on the 21st the sun appears to stand still in the sky, solstice means “sun stands still” in Latin. Then 3 days later the sun begins to rise again, sound familiar? So the 25th is the first day of a new beginning. The daylight period also begins to get longer starting on the 25th so the pagans saw this as a victory of light (good) over darkness (evil). It doesn’t take much effort to inform yourself so stop acting like a donkey on the internet.

  21. Kelly says:

    I can convert any atheist. Solution, fox hole- war zone- intense fire fight, anyone would pray and ask for God’s forgiveness and help. Funny when people are so close to death they change their views.

  22. hoverFrog says:

    No atheists in foxholes? It’s like someone doesn’t know how to search for key words in google. Try Pat Tillman if you want a famous example.

  23. Sizzler says:

    We sacrifice a virgin to Charles Darwin and Richard Dawkins and play traditional blasphemous games like “Pin-the-christ-on-the-cross”. Then comes the ritual-orgy, the “Big Bang”.

  24. Sinclair Smythe says:

    To be a Christian one must be a bit of a blood thirsty homosexual. Think about it: eating the flesh of a man, drinking his blood, worshipping a man god. These are the fundamental underpinnings of Christianity.

    Now being homosexual is fine, I don’t have any issue with that. What I think odd is the repression of the orientation. Christians should all come out the closet on this. As for the blood and flesh cannibalism well admission is the first step to recovery.

    Now everyone knows that, Christianity in particular, is a false front for institutionalized pedophilia. The time has come for everyone to agree children and clergy should not be anywhere near each other.

    Once these truths are out there those willing to continue their ancient, male on male, blood and flesh worship rituals can find a place on Earth to enjoy these perverse pleasures apart from decent people.

    What about women Christians? Hey sista it a boys club, they just let you hang around to clean up the mess.

  25. Daniel says:

    A better question would be why do atheists celebrate a Roman polytheistic holiday? I’m pretty sure atheists don’t believe in the Roman gods. Another good question is why do Christians celebrate a Roman polytheistic holiday? Jesus wasn’t born on December 25th, they didn’t even use the Gregorian calendar. Jesus and his disciples didn’t celebrate Christmas and Easter. What is actually called Easter in the King James Bible in Acts is actually Passover in the Greek and Aramaic. It’s not that holidays are bad, holidays with feasting and dancing are in the Bible it’s just that most Christians today don’t celebrate them. Actual biblical holidays include Passover, Shavuot (Pentecost), Rosh Hashana, Yom Kippur, Sukkot, Hanukkah(Feast of Dedication/John 10:22), and Purim.

  26. hoverFrog says:

    It rather depends what you mean by celebrate, Daniel. If you mean “get time off work to spend with family and friends” then it’s because Easter and Giftmas are secular, national bank holidays and work shuts down. If you mean “religious observance” then of course we don’t celebrate.

  27. erock68la says:

    I celebrate Xmas because a lot of my family and friends are believers, and it’s a tradition and a good excuse for everyone to get together in the same place at the same time. I enjoy their company, we exchange gifts, I even wish them a merry christmas, but I leave the fairy tales to them.
    I’m not afraid their beliefs will rub off on me, and I don’t feel a need to change them.

  28. ryan says:

    for starters Christmas is a man made holiday Jesus was born on the 13th off February

  29. hoverFrog says:

    Oh yeah? Got his birth certificate, do you?

  30. Satan says:

    Jesus existed at one point in time but then I devoured his soul and evil took over,see you all in hell i’ll be waiting!

  31. Trenched says:

    Just wanted to follow up post making Americans sound stupid.
    Esteban Mata wrote “In spanish, my mother language, we call it “Navidad”, that comes from “nativitatis”. It doesn’t include a direct reference to christ as in english.”
    Don’t have to speak spanish to understand that is in reference to the birth or nativity scene of Jesus… thank you for your time

  32. Trenched says:

    Daniel why the hell would Jesus celebrate Easter… It’s a celebration of his resurrection. Also of course the celebrations in the bible are different and not observed by Christians everyone up till Jesus and his disciples were jewish

  33. disgusted mom says:

    This is year my daughter told me she was an atheist. Sounds fine to me cause in our home that’s a religious holiday. Saves me money. Thank you internet nerds who have nothing better to do then warp peoples minds who are discovering who they are. You saved me a load of money this year.

  34. Deb-proud-to-be-Christian says:

    Christmas celebrates the birth of Christ and not some invented pagan holiday. Listen to the CHRISTmas carols. We are NOT singing about pagans. To all you anti-Christ pagans, go and research what pagans did in the past. Would you eat your first born because that’s what pagans did among other immoral acts.
    I am proud of my faith in Jesus and I don’t care about your spiteful and hateful words. Hey I put an angel on top of my Christmas tree not a pagan deity.

  35. Hypersapien says:


    I wouldn’t sacrifice an innocent person to pay someone else’s debt, either (not that the debt really exists). That’s truly disgusting.

    You go ahead and be proud of the fact that you believe that humans are born dirty and worthless, and need some kind of vampiric sacrifice to be “cleansed”. Not that it’s ever explained why the sacrifice is even needed in the first place.

    We will continue holding humanity in far higher regard than you are capable of.

  36. John says:

    I am a Christian and do celebrate religious holidays, not just Christmas and Easter. I attend mass every week (almost) and believe that Christ died for my sins. I am an Engineer as well and to believe in science and that by God’s grace we have scientists, inventors, archeologists, and all others who have improved our society and understanding of the world. I don’t hate homosexuals, Jews, Muslims, or any other religious person including Atheists. I accept that you have your belief and lifestyle and you have a right to how you want to live your life. I also understand that early Christians used the Pagan Holiday to try and make Christmas a holiday Pagans could except, helping to convert some to Christianity. I also understand that through the years there were Christians who persecuted non-believers as there are religious groups today (and throughout history) who persecute Christians. What is difficult to understand is why non-Christians criticise Christians for not being acceptable of others beliefs, but then mock them for theirs. Why can we accept everyones right to believe what they want, why must we mock and denegrate anyone for their beliefs?

  37. Erma Ellis says:

    Good explanation

  38. Sam says:

    John:”What is difficult to understand is why non-Christians criticise Christians for not being acceptable of others beliefs, but then mock them for theirs.” — Tolerance is not a gift to be given to some and withheld from others. Tolerance is a bargain. If you tolerate my beliefs, I will tolerate yours.

    Every time a christian “hates” atheists, gays, any of their infinite dislikes, they remove themselves from the expectation of acceptance.

  39. Ernesto says:

    Quote : “I hate it when atheists practice and get all into Christmas they have nothing to celebrate but greed and envy”.

    The funny thing about this atheist (me) and Christmas is that I don’t get all happy over presents (I’m an adult). I have 12 nieces and nephews (as well as a step-nephew). All of them get Christmas presents from me. Christmas means nothing to me, but it means something to them. Some of their parents can’t afford what the kids want, so I happen to be a Santa for them.. I’m happy to give these presents. I don’t need any for myself.

  40. Blah Blah says:

    Just a slight clarification of facts, Saturnalia is not the only celebration that Christmas took from. The Scandinavians have thier Jul Tiid (Yule Tide to us), that and the other Germanic cultures’ winter solstice celebrations are the primary source for many of our goofy Christmas traditions, more so than Saturnalia (especially if you are from one of the germanic cultures, as opposed to the romantic ones). The tree, the reindeer, the baubles, the feast etc.

    Of course there are many other cultural roots for the mix of winter soltice celebrations we have, but for germanic people (English, Flemish, Swedish, German, Norwegian, Danish, Icelandic, Flemish and Afrikaans), Saturnalia was not the main influence.

  41. shawn says:

    Truth is in the eye of the beholder. Atheists should move to Russia, and join the rest of the atheist. Maybe all you,”google has all the answers”, people should reserch about how commies are atheist. I call these Americans, Amerikans.


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