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Spookydooks and Kittykins

Follow this fantastic webcomic series over at my friend Marty’s website.

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OMG! — Tweet of The Day

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No, no, theists don’t get exclusivity on words, “god” is just a word — for a construct. Not to mention that it’s theists who aren’t supposed to take their god’s name in vain.

Don’t you, worshipers of that Abrahamic god, know that it is blasphemous to use “Oh my god”?

Actually, I am more inclined to say “Oh my Zeus!” (◕‿~)✿

Saying that atheists can’t say “OMG” ’cause we’re godless is like saying that theists can’t say “common sense” ’cause they lack it. @Monicks

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Consequences of learning science


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