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Shit Christians Say to Atheists — Let us reply.

I started a thread on Google Plus about a video “Shit Christians Say to Atheists“, which is fun to watch but, in my opinion, is in no way complete, and somewhat pointless without recommended good solid responses, so I’ve linked the ones I have kinda responded to in previous posts and tweets, and added the first responses I’ve gotten. To be honest, some of them don’t even deserve a reply.

Fell free to add your own idiotic thing theists say to atheists if not listed, and contribute with a response in the comments if you feel so inclined.

So here we go:

      • “You will burn in Hell!”

    • “Evolution is only a theory” 

    • “But you say ‘Oh my God’! Somehow you must believe.”
    • “Wait! You’re an atheist? But you’re so nice!”
    • “Then, you believe in Satan?”
    • “It takes faith to be an atheist!”
    • “How can you stand life, without having the glory of god in your heart?” Answer: “I rather enjoy not devoting my life to praising something that lets me do all the work.” — G. Michael Williams
    • “Your life must be bleak and meaningless.”
    • “Something terrible must have happened in your life to turn you away from god.” Or its variation “Why do you hate god so much?”

  • “You were never a true believer.”
  • “Why are you so angry at god? God loves you!”
  • “Why do you hate God so much?”
  • “You’re just going through a phase.”
  • “Deep down, you really believe.”
  • “I don’t know about all that science stuff, I just know Jesus loves me and you too, if you’ll let him. It says so in the Bible.”
  • “Just wait till you have children of your own.”
  • “The bible is not meant to be taken literally.”
  • “Have you ever read the Bible?” Reply: Which one, the Catholic one, the Protestant one, the King James, the Vulgata? Most of the times leads to their protesting that theirs is the right one. — Harry Weseman
  • “What stops you from going on a raping and killing spree!?” 
  • “So why do you even bother to live?”
  • “If you don’t believe in god, who do you pray to?”
  • “You still believe in Jesus, though, right?”
  • “So you think you’re better than god?”
  • “You just think you’re an atheist.”
  • “Every knee shall bow. Every knee shall bow.” meanwhile I’m thinking “
  • “Once you understand the world better, you’ll believe, I’ll pray for you.”
  • “Why do you spend so much time arguing about something you don’t believe exists.”
  • “Just pray and Jesus will save you!”
    “I’m beyond saving.”
    “Everyone can be saved!”
    “I’ve committed the unforgivable sin.” Confusion on their face. “I’ve denied the Holy Spirit, look it up.” — G. Michael Williams

Thanks to my Plussies who played along: Jay CampbellBrad SnowderTK MonastyrskiG Gryme JrMark A. SucharzewskiBeto Mendez, David MitchellG. Michael Williams who shared the video that started this, and Harry Weseman who suggested this list should be posted with recommended replies, for everyone to shudder, laugh, and facefalm enjoy.

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When people ask why I have a problem with religion…

I am not the author of this image, it was sent to me in several tweets, it probably came from Reddit. The original image can be found here.

This is just a display of the evil things religious people do in the name of their god.

I wholeheartedly concur.

There is also a debate going on over at Facebook.

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Jesus loves you! What does that even mean?

One of the most overrated and trite phrases believers ultimately shout at atheists and skeptics, in their frustration when we retort with our evil reason and logic to their attempts of proselytizing is “Jesus loves you!”

Jesus loves you? What does that even mean?

When someone loves you, they go out of their way to show you their love for you. Think of your parents, your siblings, your closest friends, your life partner. Think of the people you love, you worry about their wellbeing, you do things to please them, you want them to be healthy, content, their needs taken care of, in a word — happy.

What could Jesus ever do for you? Does he look after you? Does he feed you when you’re hungry? comfort you when you’re sad? heal you when you’re sick? or at least if not magically, does he remind you to take your meds? Does he stay up until you get home to heat up dinner for you, and keep you company while you eat? Does he worry about you and give you a call when he hasn’t heard from you in a while? No, he doesn’t.

These are some of the things that anyone would do for the people they care about, and you probably do some of these things for the people you care about. Even if Jesus had existed, and was a real person and demigod two thousand years ago, he can’t do anything for you today. Heck! If Jesus had had the power the bible says he had, he could have done so many amazing things for all mankind; instead of healing a couple of blind men and a couple of lepers, he could have eradicated blindness and leprosy, and done so with much less effort than our scientists eradicated poliomyelitis; instead of turning water into wine for a wedding, and feeding a few hundred people with bread and fish, he could have appeared a freaking river full of fish for all Ethiopians to feed off; wouldn’t that be something awesome and worthy of someone with such powers and love?


But Jesus loves you.

According to the Christian doctrine, no matter who you are, whether you believe in him and his heavenly father or not, whether you’re good or bad, if you’re worthy or not of his holy love, Jesus loves you just the same. Deservedly or not, you are loved by Jesus. Jesus loves everyone, and does exactly as much for everyone — nothing.

Love without a single demonstration is not love, it’s just a word. Now is when I should remind you of the millions of people suffering and dying from disease and famine in the world, right? I don’t think I need to.

What makes love meaningful and wonderful is precisely its uniqueness; you are loved because you are special to the one who loves you.

Jesus loves everyone.

Jesus’ love is meaningless.

You think differently? Prove me wrong, and I’ll change my mind.

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