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❝Modern humans have existed approximately 100,000 years. Our species suffered and died, most of its children dying in childbirth. Most other people having a life expectancy of 25 years. Famine, struggle, bitterness, war, misery.. All of that for 98,000 years. Heaven watches with complete indifference and thinks “that’s enough of that, it’s time to intervene.” And the best way to do this would be by condemning someone (Jesus Christ, the son of god) to human sacrifice somewhere in the less literate part of the Middle East. Let’s not appeal to the Chinese, for example, where people can read and write and study evidence and have a civilization. Let’s go to the desert and have a revelation there. THIS IS NONSENSE!❞

-Christopher Hitchens


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As you surely know already, Google is pulling the plug on the old and reliable Google Reader on July 1st. First of all, backup your content. There are plenty of good alternatives like Feedly (the one I chose, basically because I’m lazy… and iOS integration),  Bloglovin, and The Old Reader, in case you want to check them out. If by any chance you’re reading this in Google Reader may I be so bold as to suggest that you follow‘s updates in another RSS feed so we don’t lose each other in the process?

Just to make my humble site worthy of your kind visit, I have dressed up, so now it is rocking a new theme, a super nice slider, and an awesome carousel plugin written, developed and implemented by my amazing fiancé Joshua McGee.

Also I would love to hear your opinions on the new looks of the site, and I’m open to all your suggestions. Let me know in the comments, or you can always tweet me, or email me.

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Christianity by @McGeekiest

Because some things need to be shared ad infinitum, and also, because my fiancé is totally awesome.  (◕‿~)✿

The original can be found on his site, more specifically here, or just click on the image!

The Eclectic Quill » Christianity: The most successful conspiracy theory in history


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